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The character Kristy Lee embodies as she narrates her stories through the songs on “The Olive Tree” leaves an emotional weight I haven’t felt in years.  I am reminded of the first time I listened to Jeff Buckley and had a similar feeling…being met with this voice that carries an unrivaled authenticity and an honesty in her words that challenges my own experience and wisdom.  She is without question in control of her own story and tells it so…with all of the color and flavor we hope to find when exploring today’s American Southland. 

“Time” balances beautiful melody rooted in tradition against her own unique musical arrangement that challenges that very same tradition. 

“Expired” is a master class of lyrical wordplay and songs like “Feeling Weak” and “Hell Of A Mess” emote a hunger that desperately begs for some kind of baptism. 

This collection of songs is one of tremendous heart and is penned by a voice whose perspective has not been widely seen until now. 

Kristy is an Alabama treasure, and “The Olive Tree” captures the growth from all she’s endured while toiling in this landscape…making this new music all the richer for it. 

-Scott Terry, Red Wanting Blue

Kristy Lee is at the top of her art on The Olive Tree. Her Southern gothic passion, penetrating voice and lyrics rattled my bones and brought back ghosts.

Sonically and musically, it’s a tour de force: creative arrangements, pure tones, jumping time signatures all kept me alive in the album. Easy contender for my favorite album of 2023.

-Emily Saliers, The Indigo Girls

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